Amazon Picture Guidelines

Amazon Image requirements 2023

Amazon is a great place to shop because of its huge selection of products from various categories. With millions of options to choose from, it can be overwhelming for sellers to catch the shoppers' attention.  Great product photography combined with following Amazon’s guidelines can influence potential customers and help you stand out from the competition. 

Amazon understands the importance of product pictures in their platform, and they have provided specific guidelines to follow. Here are a few tips We’ve found useful over the many years of producing and uploading pictures for products on Amazon:

1. High-quality images: It is essential to have high-resolution images to showcase a product's details clearly. Even though Amazon recommends using images that are at least 1000 pixels in either height or width, I’ve personally found that uploading images at 2000x2000 pixels gives you the best results. Using smaller images than 2000 pixels runs the risk of your images being flagged as “not good enough” and Amazon’s photo team replaced them with their own images, or with “better” images from another seller if your product is sold by multiple sellers. And in some cases they simply use one of your secondary images. This can be annoying if you have multiple products in a family and you want all of the pictures to match the same angle or style.

2. White Background: Amazon requires the first product image to have a pure white background with no additional graphics or text that may distract shoppers from the product's main features. 

3. Cropping: It is recommended to have the product cover around 85-90% of the image. Meaning Amazon likes it when the product is cropped very tightly and there is minimal white around the product. Not having your product cover enough of the pixels may also cause it to be flagged and rejected. Sometimes not immediately at upload time, but randomly. 

4. Accurate representation: It is crucial to ensure that the product images are an accurate representation of the product that the customer will receive. Misleading images can lead to negative reviews, returns, and damage your reputation as a seller. At Picture Powerup we ensure the product and colors are as accurate as what the customer will receive. We don’t like to “over photoshop” products. Over-polishing pictures has its place. But Amazon is not one of them. 

5. Product framing: To showcase a product accurately, it is recommended to use several images from multiple angles, including close-ups to highlight specific features. This will give customers a better understanding of the product and its features. Even though Amazon allows you to upload more than 6 pictures, sometimes only the first 6 get shown on PC, sometimes more. Also if you have a video, sometimes the video takes the place of the pictures. It varies over time. All your images usually show on the mobile app. I’m still not sure why they do that. if someone knows please leave me a comment.

Our White background+ Lifestyle photography pack includes 8 white background pictures and 3 “Lifestyle”  if you want you to have more flexibility on what you want to 
upload and have extra pictures to use for Amazon A+ content. 


Following Amazon's product picture guidelines not only improves a product's visibility but also helps you stand out from lower quality sellers. By providing high-quality, accurate and informative images, sellers can help customers make informed purchase decisions. It may take some extra effort and investment, but the impact it has on sales and customer satisfaction is worth it in the long run. 

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